"Sahith" Means"Literature" based on Sangeetham and Sahityam!



My Stats & Updates
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Date of Birth: Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Time of Birth: 9:34 AM

Weight: 6.9 Ounces

Height: 19 Inches

Zodiac: Pisces Read More..

April 15, 2010 I am over 5 Weeks now..A lot better and a bigger Boy. I drink plenty of Milk and abuse a lot of Diapers  and wipes. Mommy keeps my Tummy Full and Daddy keeps my Butt Clean..Yaahoooo....


March 09, 2010 Hmm..As usual, I am sleeping most of the time during the day and getting cranky in the nights. Hey, I am just 6 days old and it's my fundamental right to cry and blast-off MY Home, drink milk, poop and pee at anytime. Let's try this..You are reading my updates now,but, can you do all those things that I do?

Mommy says, I am behaving now..folding hands, started to wide open my eyes. Daddy has nothing to say, he likes everything about me.

One thing I hate, I don't like daddy wrapping me up in that stupid blanket, I can't play with my legs..Ooops, I forgot to tell you, I am capable of handling 10-12 Diapers a day (May be about 40 Wipes?) CAN YOU HANDLE THAT?

My Background
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My Mommy & Daddy: Hema & Nandan

My Religion: Hindu (Brahmin)

I was born with the blessings of Lord Venkateswara directly  from The Sanctum Sanctorum. I am just a little Baby Boy, born few days ago. I can not bring my tiny hands together and offer prayers at this time. I request all Uncles & Aunties, GrandMas & GrandPas to offer Prayers on behalf of me. "Namoh Narayanaya"

O Paramapurusha! O Matchless One!

I surrender unto you! O true abode of Lakshmi!

O one with a lotus navel! O lotus eyed!

O Lord with lotus like feet!

O Lord of all demigods and sages!

O Lord of the herds! O Granter of boons!

O four formed one! O one with four arms!

O one who wields the conch and discus!

O supreme Lord of Venkata hill!

O enjoyer of the praises of Anjana!

I surrender unto you!



From You Wishes & Blessings

Hi Baby Mangu, Great to see you. Love u.

Vicky Uncle and Swapna Aunty

My hearty congratulations to you and hema. Welcome to the next role of DaddyWood. Mari vaadu FatherHood annadu kada andukani nenu daddywood antunna....

Ram Mohan Mannava

Congratulations to you and hema. Welcome to the elite group of FatherHood.

Laxman Aravelly

Some Pictures look like you, some like Vadina.

Srikanth Autoori

Congratulations Dan! May God bless the new born with health wealth and happiness in life.With Best Wishes

Satish Pareek, CPA

Congratulations!!!!! Celebrations.....A warm message to the new parents on their new found joy.

Ravi Kalyani

Hearty Congratulations to you both.Love & Blessings

Viswa Srighakollapu

Congratulations to both of you. Very nice name for the baby. Baby is so cute. Can't wait to see.

Bhaskar & Silpa

Yes congrats 4 ur tiger cub am soooo happy dude all my love 2 u always!

Sandy Rao

kevuu keka...elanti partylu enno..once again & always and always congratulations!

Vijay Bhaskar Kalal

Congratulations Nandan garu! Enjoy fatherhood!

Satya Srinivas

Congratulations and jubilations!! I am the first person to be delighted on hearing this Good News. DADDY.....

Ronald Ernest

I just wanted to extend my congratulations to you and Hema on the birth of your son Sahith. May you have many years of joy and happiness together.All the Best.

Srikanth Kesireddy

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My Birth StarChitta

"Chitta Nakshatra" I am a native of Chitra birth star, I will have a strong, well shaped body and I am bound to  attract people (Just like my Daddy). My smile is loved by many people and they really want my friendship.

My HospitalAt Birth

I was born at St. Peter's Hospital on March 03, 2010 at 9:34 A.M. My Daddy says   " Son - This is a Great Hospital; They gave you the best possible Care and Attention, I could not be better!"

Sahith and Mangu Family Salutes and sincerely thanks all the Staff Members at St. Peters. 5 Stars.. Thank you Dr. Sengupta, Dr. Krishnamoorthy, Dr.Kim, RN Renie,RN Susan, Scy. Jeanie, Tech. Adriana

Special Thanks to RN Susan & RN Beth- You are very compassionate and caring. You are simply "Better than the Best" in your Profession. ***** Read More

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    Hema & Nandan, congratulations and god bless Sahith. He is very cute and resembling like Hema.

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    Congratulations Hema & Nandan!! Sahith is really cute ...God Bless Him!!

Great PeopleBorn on March 03

2010 - Sahith Mangu, Little Boy

1839 – Jamsetji Tata, Indian industrialist

1847 – Graham Bell, Phone inventor

1930 – Ion Iliescu, President of Romania

1970 – Inzamam-ul-Haq, Pakistani cricketer